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being unemployed is not working. being “unemployed” is “not working.” Time doesn’t matter. Life matters. Some alien in The Fifth Element said that before the tv went dark. Stop playing small.Stop pretending that you don't know what you want. You're not as confused as you say you are.You're scared. — Saffron the Sadge (@JSoAbove) April 26, 2016 […]

it means “to rot”

brace. inhale. “Hello?” exhale. “Hi, girly. It’s Mema. How’re you doing?” heavy. “Fine. How are you?” she’s ‘okay.’ “I’m okay.” every beat – “That’s good.” no miss. “I heard you were leaving.” we’ve been over this “Yeah, I’m going to California.” many times. “Wh-“ eyelids close in a wrinkle. “San Diego.” forehead grazing forearm grazing […]