it means “to rot”

brace. inhale. “Hello?” exhale. “Hi, girly. It’s Mema. How’re you doing?” heavy. “Fine. How are you?” she’s ‘okay.’ “I’m okay.” every beat – “That’s good.” no miss. “I heard you were leaving.” we’ve been over this “Yeah, I’m going to California.” many times. “Wh-“ eyelids close in a wrinkle. “San Diego.” forehead grazing forearm grazing […]


A lot of the narrative surrounding Black people in America is centered around struggles that we face as a people, and in more nuanced conversations, as women, differently abled persons, LGBTQA, and any/every intersection. Today I wanted to focus on Black joy. my joy. Everyday isn’t a struggle. Some seconds, minutes, hours, days are great. So tonight I’ll […]