June 1st

What up, June? It’s good to see you. What’s it been, a year? hardy har har.

It’s been June for around 40 minutes now, (unless you live on the west coast where it’s still technically May) and that’s lit.

I get to change my Marvel Shero/Lady Villain calendar to Spider-girl. She’s the only one in the calendar who’s boobs aren’t DDDD and falling out of a flimsy top. It’s the most appropriate and comfortable attire for fighting crime and/or creating a woman-led new world order.

I’ve been waiting to turn the page to Spider-girl for a while. Her picture is most captivating to me of all of the women. She’s flying through the air, and you really can’t even see her expression, because it’s hidden by a mask. She is doing a backflip through the air, and the weather is beautiful. It’s free. It’s a freeing picture. Quite indicative of the free spirit of June.

It’s quite late, and I’m tired, but I did want to write a little something.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about managing expectations (read: how not to get hurt). There’s no real way to avoid getting hurt by another, but policing others’ emotions is another thing entirely. I feel like the sentiment has its practicality.

ex. Don’t expect your Mac to serve you expresso – I’m sure the iPhone 17 will have Siri coming through with the built-in Starbucks, so we’re not too far off.

If you’re Deebo, you wouldn’t expect your massage therapist to massage your eye straight.deebo.jpg






While these things would be nice, were our expectations exceeded, we keep our expectations on par with what we know who/what we’re interacting with is able to give.

Most perople are able to give (if they so choose) and receive respect, so when I show respect to another, I’m going to expect that they’re, at the very least, not going to spit in my face literally or metaphorically. Where I get tripped up in this expectation management conversation is where, once someone spits in your face, and you say “woah. that shit was foul,” people start telling you, “welp. they didn’t owe you respect.” Hm. Well, I don’t owe anyone these hands, but they’re certainly going to get them now.

I’m not new to this disrespect game. All I’m saying is, someone has got to be held accountable when they hurt you. Saying “well, you shouldn’t have expected them to not spit in your face” aids the person who spit in avoiding accountability. I’m sick of that shit. I manage my expectations quite well, and I’m still out here hurting, so now what? Grow a thicker skin?

How about I just say fuck y’all and fuck them? That is also within my right.

It’s been a long, Mt. Everest-esque journey for me to put some respeck on my emotions, and I still ain’t all the way there.


I really don’t want to hear folks telling me “oh, well you should be offended by this, not that.” If you don’t roll yourself in some kerosene and go straight to hell…


I want to talk about how violent(?) hurtful(?) silence can be, but that’s for a different day.

I love silence. There is great value in it, however, when people withhold communication from you, it triggers a certain madness, but again, a different day.

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